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From routine checkups to reconstructive surgery, New England Podiatry is equipped to handle all of your foot and ankle needs. Search below to learn about many common foot and ankle conditions that you may have. Then head over to our Links/Resources page for even more valuable information.

What is a Foot and Ankle Surgeon?

General Podiatry Information

Photos of Common Foot Disorders We Treat


Achilles Tendon

Ankle Sprains (rolling/twisting ankle injuries)

Athlete's Foot (itching/burning rash between toes or bottoms of feet)

Athletic Injuries of the Ankle

Bunions (sometimes painful bump where the great toe meets the foot)

Bunions and Hammertoes

Calluses (sometimes painful thickened dead skin in areas of pressure on the feet)

Corns (similar to calluses, but smaller, focused areas, and sometimes on toes)

Diabetic Foot Care

Flat Feet (fallen arches)

Foot and Ankle Conditions 

Foot Doctor


Ganglion Cyst (soft lump or bump on the foot)

Gout (painful, red, swollen, warm joint, typically the great toe joint)

Great Toe Joint Pain

Nail Fungus (thickened, discolored, brittle toenails)
(Click here for new fungal toenail treatment options)

Hammertoe (sometimes painful toes that are contracted or stiff)

Hammertoe Repair Pictures

Heel Pain

Heel Spur (Click here to learn about a new surgical procedure used to treat this condition)

Ingrown Toenail

Plantar Fasciitis (bottom of the heel pain) (Click here to learn about a new surgical procedure used to treat this condition)

Morton's Neuroma (painful sensation to the ball of the foot that sometimes shoots to the toes)


Wart Treatment Pictures


Toenail Fungus