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September 11, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Are you worried that your ankle problems could actually be the result of a sprain?sprained ankle

If you are an athlete you may find yourself faced with an ankle injury at some point during your lifetime. If you are noticing that something is wrong but you aren’t quite sure what’s going on, you may be wondering whether or not you have a sprained ankle. Our Boston, MA area podiatrists are here to help you determine whether your twisted ankle could really be a sprain.

While you’ve probably twisted your ankle before, if your ankle becomes tender, stiff or starts to swell then you may have sprained it. An ankle sprain results when the ligaments have become overstretched or have even incurred micro tears. Despite the fact that a lot of people may sprain their ankles each year, this doesn’t mean that this is a problem you should just ignore.

If an ankle sprain is ignored it can lead to instability, repeated sprains or other issues in the long run, which is why it’s so important that you seek care from our Boston foot doctors if you think you may have a sprained ankle.

There are other symptoms associated with a sprained ankle. You may experience bruising immediately after the injury has occurred. You may find that you can’t put any weight on the ankle without it causing severe pain. Some patients report hearing an audible popping sound when the injury occurred (this is common for those in contact sports). There may also be limited range of motion when moving the ankle around.

How is a sprained ankle treated?

If the sprain is only minor then it can often be managed with the simple RICE method of rest, ice, compression and elevation. You’ll want to take this time to rest as much as possible and to stay off the affected ankle so that it can heal efficiently. If you have a moderate sprain, our podiatrists may recommend wearing a supportive boot or crutches. Physical therapy and rehab may also be prescribed.

New England Podiatry offers two convenient locations in Chestnut Hill, MA, and Newton, MA. If you are dealing with an ankle injury of any kind, call our office today so that we can get to the bottom of the issue together.