Heel Pain

Find Relief From Heel Pain

If you have tried many different tips in order to help with your foot and heel pain and you have not found relief, it might be time to try orthotics. Orthotics is any device that is inserted into the shoes ranging from felt pads to custom-made shoe inserts. They are used to correct an abnormal or irregular walking pattern. Orthotics allows you to stand, walk and run more proficiently and comfortably. While over the counter foot inserts can be purchased, only a podiatrist understands the anatomy of your foot and which type works best for you. 

Heel Pain in Greater Boston, MA area

Orthotic devices come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Some are used to change foot function, protect the foot, and combine functional control and protection.

  • Rigid Orthotic Devices: Designed to control function. They are used primarily for walking or dress shoes. Rigid devices are made of a firm material such as plastic or carbon fiber. A mold is made after the podiatrist takes a plaster cast or an image of the foot. It is used to improve or eliminate strains, aches and pains in the legs, thighs and lower back.
  • Soft Orthotics: Used to absorb shock, increase balance, and take pressure off uncomfortable or sore spots. Soft orthotics is used best for patients with diabetic, arthritic, and deformed feet. They are made of a soft, cushioned material that can be worn against the sole of the foot and extends from the heel past the ball of the foot, including the toes.
  • Semi-Rigid Orthotics: Provide foot balance for walking or participating in sports. It is made up of layers of soft material and is reinforced with more rigid materials. Semi-rigid orthotics is used for children with flatfoot and in-toeing or out-toeing disorders.

When it comes to foot pain, a podiatrist specializes in medical diagnosis and treatment of your foot and ankle problems. Stop living with heel pain and contact New England Podiatry in Boston, MA area today to schedule a life altering appointment.