What's the Buzz With Bunions?
By New England Podiatry
February 01, 2017
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What’s the Buzz With Bunions?

Healthy feet are happy feet. That’s why patients should keep an eye out for foot issues, including bunions.

What Is a Bunion?

It’s a bone deformity caused by the enlargement of the joint located on the base and side of the big toe.

Why Does a Joint Become Enlarged?

Poor foot structure and ill-fitted shoes can cause abnormal pronation of the foot, increasing pressure on the big toe’s joint.

Why Should You Seek Treatment for Bunions in The Boston, MA Area?

You should treat your bunion(s) if you want to improve your daily foot function. With a bulging bunion on board, you may encounter a number of irritating symptoms:

  • Pain and restricted movement of the big toe
  • Sore corns and calluses
  • Inflammation

Symptoms can accelerate the growth of a bunion. Plus, a patient with a severe bunion may find it difficult to fit into shoes.

How to Treat a Bunion

To treat a bunion, a person must seek professional care. At Associated Podiatrists, we offer traditional and surgical treatment options.

  • Physical therapy
  • Orthotic devices
  • Splints
  • Bunion surgery

For more information about bunion treatment, call our Boston, MA podiatrist office at 617-232-1752